Two-Year-Old Samsung Galaxy S8 Saved Lives Of 20 People From Drowning, As It’s Waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy S8 might be two years old now, but that by no means implies the smartphone is useless.

In fact, the device may have just saved the lives of 20 people in the Philippines, and all because Samsung made the device waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S8

According to local reports, a boat with 20 people capsized off the coast of Malapascua Island near Cebu in the Philippines about two weeks ago. It’s a known diving spot, and the boat was probably filled with tourists waiting to snorkel. Unfortunately, the boat with 13 foreign divers, three dive instructors, and a local divemaster with three Filipino crewmen overturned along the way.

Luckily for everyone there, one of the passengers, Jim Emdee, spotted his Galaxy S8 submerged under the boat. He was able to retrieve it and, because the phone is waterproof, call for help.

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