PUBG Mobile Infection Mode review: PUBG’s new game mode is infectious

The Infection Mode is now rolling out to PUBG MOBILE and it lets players have fun playing like zombies. The gameplay requires ultimate player controls and shooting skills to win the matches.



  • The Infection Mode is part of the PUBG MOBILE update 0.14.0.
  • The new mode allows players to fight as zombies against humans and vice versa.
  • The Infection Mode gets a brand new map with lots of buildings.

Ever since 2019 began, PUBG Mobile players have been subjected to some exciting gameplay additions. The zombie mode has been the biggest addition this year, giving players a chance to leave the conventional battle royale experience and go for zombie hunting along with other players. The last update added the PVP mode which, in a lot of ways, is a blessing for PUBG fans looking to have a quick session. Now, with the latest update, there’s a new gameplay mode and it revolves around zombies.

When the zombie mode, aka Survive Till dawn mode was introduced earlier this year, many players kept wondering whether they could play as zombies in the game and hunt down humans. As weird as it may sound, it is quite fun to shed the human skin and go all wild in attacking humans for a while. The PUBG team responded with the demand and now we have the Infection Mode. It’s part of the EvoGround mode and after having spent some considerable time in it, this is the best thing that has ever happened to PUBG Mobile. Why? Find out.

Infection Mode in PUBG is seriously infectious

Last month, when the PVP mode came out, players were quite happy about it. It was (and still is) immensely addictive with its different approach to a battle royale shooter game. Now, with the Infection Mode, the game offers a fresh perspective to the concept of shooting zombie endlessly. Only this time, everyone is playing against human opponents.

The Survive the Dawn mode released AI zombies against human players and that was fun up to an extent. In the Infection Mode, you are playing against zombies controlled by humans. Hence, you can anticipate the levels of smartness that one has to face while fighting zombies.

And it’s this very part that makes Infection Mode infectious. The game divides all the players in the match between zombies and defenders. This division happens randomly and once the match starts, you can either find yourself as part of the Zombies or the Defenders, i.e. humans with guns.

As Defenders, players will be armed with weapons and only have one task – shoot down the zombie opponents. Defenders get all the usual PUBG shooting aids that we are used to. However, when you play as a zombie, you don’t carry firearms. Instead, all you have at your disposal are melee weapons and the good-old scratching the Defenders. The match offers three rounds in which the game will throw you in the random side.

Don’t think that the zombies are out powered naturally. As a zombie, you have greater power in hitting the Defenders, causing maximum damage. Plus, zombies get a special boost for a limited time to inflict more damage to the opponents.

As for the Defenders, they have the usual weapons at their disposal. However, if you are doing really good at slaying zombies, your avatar will be upgraded to a kind of samurai equipped with a sword. This is where the field gets balanced – players now have similar weapons to fight each other.

While the weapons and techniques are for help, what amazed me the most was that all players, whether as zombies or defenders, became maniacs. It appears like a circus where everyone is armed to taste each other’s life. Everyone is trying out their classic PUBG survival moves, i.e. jumping and shooting or sneaking past each other to survive the longest, that too in a limited space. Hence, I as a player had to really bring out my A-game to have a fair chance at winning. And this is why once you start playing the Infection Mode, it is hard to leave until you have nailed yourself a victory.

The new map adds into the experience quite a lot

The Infection Mode takes place in a new compact map and this is unlike any map we have seen in PUBG so far. There’s no name to this map but at first glance, it is instantly reminiscent of the world from Assassins Creed. There are tall buildings positioned close to each other, giving players a lot of opportunities to use the heights to their advantage. The weather effects add to the zombie infestation theme but never does it take away from the overall gameplay experience. In fact, for creating a chaotic environment, this kind of map is just right.


With the Infection Mode, PUBG Mobile becomes more engaging than ever before. The ability to play both as a zombie and a human being in the same match is a fresh concept. Do remember that this new mode will test your PUBG skills to the limit and hence, unlike the PVP mode that’s more casual in nature, this will require your attention to run around chasing humans as zombies or shoot the zombies attacking you from every side before you are turned into one. But if you are waiting for something new or are looking forward to getting back to PUBG after a long time, this might be just the right mode to do so.

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